Benefits of a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Standard Pool Pumps are being phased out!  As of July 19, 2021 there are new regulations that went into effect regaurding pool regulations and obsolete equipment.  If you find yourself now in need of a new pool filter pump. look no further than American Mechanical of Southwest Florida.  We can install a variable speed pump or VS pump packed with fun features and added benefits.  


The main benefits included with these new pumps include whisper-quiet operation.  The permanent magnet motor inside a variable speed pump naturally run as a lower speed and make less sound than the pervious design.  Even running at thigher speeds, these pumps are much quieter than a stanrd pool pump.  Vs pumps also eliminate noise because they use inverter duty bearings which are more durable and less likely to have issues in the log run than the standard pump motor bearings.  

Another benefit includes optimum flow for your property's septic tank!  Varibale speed pumps provide flexibility for filtering, heating, cooling and spa running settings.  With the programming options avaialbe with VS pool pumps, owners are able to program your flow rate on your filtration system to provide the perfect balance and help save money each month!  For more details see "Optimizing Variable Speed Pump Savings".  

With these advanced settings, VS pumps have an on-board computer that allows you to easily schedule certain settings and features to activate at specific times of day.  One of the greatest advantages to this new tchnology is the ability for most VS pumps to connect with automated systems.  Picture controlling your home spa and setting it to pre-heat before you get home!  


With added energy savings and better water filtration, it is no wonder why Floridian residents and businesses alike are upgrading to VS pool pumps for their properties!  Because of the new minimum efficiency requirements, a standard or single speed pool pump (over 1 THP) will be hard to find after the summer of 2021.  Reach out to American Mechanical (239) 351-5660, to learn more about Variable Pool Pumps and the services we can provide today!